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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Have just created an area of soil about 6 ft x 2 ft with a 5 ft tall fence behind it, it gets the sun half way through the afternoon. Wondered it it’d be suitable for a fruitbush (s). if so, suggestions would be appreciated. If not - what ?




Redcurrant? You could train one as a cordon against the fence.

They fruit on the old wood so pruning is easy, and I've had one do quite well without a lot of sun..

5 Nov, 2018


Sounds good S, will read up on them. A know- all friend of mine insists on blueberry.

5 Nov, 2018


I think Raspberries like some shade too. :)

5 Nov, 2018


Thanks girls, looking into both later tonight.

5 Nov, 2018


Blueberries like a bit more sun than you have, and light but acid soil.

5 Nov, 2018


Thanks S, will forget them

6 Nov, 2018


You could grow one in a large pot though, with ericaceous compost, if you have a sunnier spot.

6 Nov, 2018


I have S, and several large empty pots. Might do as you suggest.

6 Nov, 2018


Watch out for hungry birds then! I covered mine with fleece to keep them off.Should have untangled my netting and used that instead - it got too hot (and probably too dry)under the fleece and killed off a lot of the leaves. They have regrown now but don't know its autumn...

7 Nov, 2018


Very complicated this gardening stuff, a bit like cooking where everything I make is always at least one ingredient it should have due to my memory - or the lack of it.

8 Nov, 2018

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