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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

What shall I do with my Orchid? My friend bought me a lovely orchid for my birthday in August, it has now lost all its flowers and I am unsure what to do with it now....any advice welcome.




Depends which type of orchid it is? Is that a leaf or a pseudobulb? Move it out of the sun and into bright filtered light. It needs to rest a few months. Do you have a flower pic or tag?

8 Nov, 2018


It looks in need of re-potting but first cut off the flower stem just above the second pink notch is (I don't know what else to call it). It needs plunging into water for about an hour each week, all year round, with the water coming just below the leaf. It needs a bigger pot - a special see through pot - as the roots are coming out of the top - you might have to cut the old pot off gently. For years I didn't have any luck with orchids until I learned of the watering routine, and now I'm being given everyone's orchids to bring back to life! Good luck.

8 Nov, 2018


Do you use orchid compost Cammomile? I can't find any,or any clear pots either now it needs one bigger than a big yogurt pot.

9 Nov, 2018


I use the bark type compost and the clear pots from my local Wyevale garden centre.

11 Nov, 2018


We haven't got a Wyevale but I will try the nearest biggish one.

11 Nov, 2018


I think they are struggling. I went to one on the way back from Brighton last week and it had been totally demolished.

12 Nov, 2018

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