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By Xena

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone identify this plant for me please. It appeared from nowhere. It hasn’t flowered and looks like it will survive the winter without shedding leaves. I had one of these in a different area of the garden a year ago, again it appeared from nowhere. I’ve looked in gardening books but can’t figure out what it might be. I’d be great full for any clues. Thank you.




Looks like stinking iris to me but could be wrong. They pop up round my garden too.

10 Nov, 2018


My thought exactly - what a healthy looking specimen too.
They do well in shade, have rather unpleasant dirty yellow flowers followed by spectacular red berries.

10 Nov, 2018


yes it does look like Iris foetida. I like the pale yellow flowers and the red berries are so attractive too. the birds love them and that's why they keep popping up as they poop them out. ;o)

10 Nov, 2018


Thank you so much for your replies. I will look up the plant in my garden books. As I said it has never flowered but the leaves are very attractive and healthy looking. I’m happy to let it grow. It just looks so attractive and soon the small daffodils will all be sprouting around it. 😊

10 Nov, 2018


I agree. I have quite a few in deep shade and also dry full sun, so they grow anywhere. I often miss the flowers as they are insignificant but the seed pods split in early autumn to reveal the orange seeds. easy to pull up if get out of control as don't make a rhizome.

11 Nov, 2018


Sorry, made a mistake. I tried to pull up an overgrown clump and it does have a rhizome. Needed a spade! It must be the young self seeded ones that are easy to pull.

14 Nov, 2018


Thank you everyone for your advice. I’m enjoying watching the change in the plants as winter approaches. Merry Christmas to you all. 🍂🍁🎄🌲

17 Nov, 2018

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