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I have a New Zealand tea tree about 2 years old. Started out in a smaller pot and repotted it to a much larger pot as it go too heavy and kept falling over. It has been in its large pot for almost a year now and is sitting on a slightly covered porch. It has recently fallen over in a bad rain storm. She looked ok but within days she started turning brown and leaves are dropping like crazy. I live in a very warm climate and it has not gotten cold at all yet. Nothing unusual has happened that this plant has not already been through. I don't understand why she looks like she is dying.
Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. She is my favorite plant.

Thank you



Do you have another name for your plant? Only New Zealand tree isn't a plant name - Google doesn't come up with anything useful... so we don't know what plant you mean I'm afraid, which means giving advice is next to impossible. Otherwise, a photo might help with ID

15 Nov, 2018


Hi Bamboo, I believe New Zealand tea tree is a common name, [among a few]for Leptospermum scoparium, but as to why it seems to be dying, all I can suggest is shortage of water, or it could be pot bound, as it's a fairly large plant, and losing leaves as a way to keep itself alive, Derek.

15 Nov, 2018


Yes leptospermum is correct name. I did just repot it into a larger pot less than a year ago. I'd like to put it in the ground but not sure if south Florida is a good zone for this plant. I've gotten mixed feedback about this plant.

15 Nov, 2018


Thanks Derek...

Suitable USDA zones for this plant are 9 to 11 - according to Google, South Florida is within the lower end of that range, so, barring freak cold, it should be fine in the ground, but choose a sheltered spot.

16 Nov, 2018


I wouldn't be surprised if it died in late summer in southern Florida, since they aren't fond of humid heat at all, but in November, it should be perking up. They also hate root disturbance, so did a lot of soil fall out, or the root ball break, even though the pot didn't?

17 Nov, 2018

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