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I receieved this today through post (ebay only £2.99 bargain) I'd like to know if I can prune it and when as it looks a bit unshapely lol, It's chaenomeles geisha girl and looks beautiful in the pics I've seen:-)

On plant Chaenomeles

Dscf0005 Dscf0006



Should be pruned in spring after flowering, but frankly, I wouldn't be able to stand looking at that, so I'd be inclined to reduce the long growths by half - but then I'd get away with that even at this time of year in London. Nice paving by the way, like the colour.

1 Sep, 2010


could you use the waste bits for cuttings?

1 Sep, 2010


Oooh Pam might have a go, tell best way:-) I'll cut half of the long ones off then Bamboo, thanks, the paving is mixed fossil and another one as the fossil looked a bit all one colour:-)

1 Sep, 2010


when you prune you cut above the leaf joint, when you take cuttingsyou cut below the leaf joint.
you dont want the really bendy new growht or the really hard old wood the bit inbetween is called semi ripe
make a clean cut below a leaf joint and then count two more joints up and cut above this joint--(on some close jointed cuttings count more) remove the bottom leaves and insert into the edge of apot containing compost-- some people use hormone rooting powder I don't bother ---continue putting cuttings around the edge then (here again some people cover with propagator tops) keep somewhere warm but out of the sun keep moist but not wetand be patient hopefully in a few weeks you will see some signs of life-- take as many as possible as not all will strike

let yourself loose on the garden and you'll soon have lots of pots of different plants, some strike easier than others-- have fun! ps dont forget to label them!!

2 Sep, 2010


I always do forget to label, confidently thinking I couldn't possibly forget what's what...then I do lol. Thanks Pam for your info, I can't possibly go wrong, I'll let you know if it works, I'll be opening an Ebay garden centre myself before long;-))

3 Sep, 2010

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