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By Vileve

Middlesex, United Kingdom Gb

another try to get this right! identification please on the large shrub / small tree in my neighbours garden ..has never flowered before until now. rather late... I thought it would have flowered earlier thank you in advance (hopefully) the leaf is 9"long by 3" at it's widest point and the flowers have a scent .seaburngirl ....easier to break off a branch to help identify this..

Mystery_plant_004 Mystery_plant_003 Mystery_plant



Possibly one of the viburnums. Is the flower scented? how long and wide are the leaves?

18 Nov, 2018


It looks like a Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica). It blooms in the fall, and the fruit--assuming it survives the winter--will ripen in April or May.

19 Nov, 2018


yes I agree with you tug. the deep venation on the leaves made me unsure re viburnum.

19 Nov, 2018


Came back to have another look and change my opinion, but beaten to it!

19 Nov, 2018


Agree on Loquat - one of my customers has one of these and it was in flower end October/early November, last time I went there.

19 Nov, 2018


Thank you everyone I will keep an eye on the flowers to see what happens and do some more research on your suggestions and sorry seaburngirl but it's too high to get measurements of a leaf ...on second thoughts I could break one off!! it takes a while to sink in sometimes!!

19 Nov, 2018


Thank you all again fellow growers I have just seen a picture on Google (in answer to Loquat ) and it is identical to my mystery plant/ tree in every way... sooo full marks to everyone who identified it as such...had no idea it would be that!! so was it the unusual weather this year that caused it to flower? I am so glad as my friend and I have puzzled over this plant/tree for years! so now I can let her know the answer at last!

19 Nov, 2018


My neighbor had a large tree, and would bring over a pie every spring, for my help with his garden. Tastiest "wages" that I ever had! The raw fruit is edible, too, but a little on the tart side.

19 Nov, 2018


Yes, it will have been the heat this year - I've never seen flowers on the one I know before. And obviously, its never fruited either... don't know if it will now either, even though its got flowers.

19 Nov, 2018


The problem I have with mine is that it has to be kept pruned low enough to get to the fruit or else the birds get there first. The fruit grows during the winter, so it would be for the mildest areas of the UK. I like to go out, grab a handful and eat them as I walk around the yard; but the seeds are huge and very easily germinate here. Like Tug says, a little tart, but tasty.

20 Nov, 2018

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