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Anybody with ideas on how to help the my lavender (English type) shrubs produce stronger-smelling flowers. I have only started making compost this year but ive heard this they need feeding perhaps.

I have guests arriving for their honeymoon and want to make some pillows filled with lavender etc. for them. Any ideas welcomed!

Many thanks and hoping you and your gardens are all well.

Pena Selvagem

On plant Lavendula



Sorry to disappoint you, but actually, the only friend I have who makes lavender pillows (wonderful to stay there, smells fabulous, a nice little sachet on top of your pillow at night) uses the dried flowers, but adds essential oil of lavender to them to get the strong fragrance.

1 Sep, 2010


I actually pick the flowers and put them straight into a cotton bag and they dry out in the bag, that would be fine for your honeymooners Pena, they should smell really nice. Ideally lavender is best picked and dried in bunches but for now this way will do. Good luck

1 Sep, 2010


From what I hear, more potash will strengthen lavender scent in the living plant--maybe try adding chopped banana peel to the compost?

1 Sep, 2010


Many thanks all three.

Bamboo, A great tip thanks. One day i Will make my own oil of lavender. One day.....

Grandmage, i have lots here in a makeshift muslin bag but will hang and dry in bunches from now on Thanks.

Tugbrethil, potash keeps coming up in response to my questions. Interesting. I eat many bananas here but cant wait until next year. Will dry some skins maybe and mulch a well as buying some potash.

1 Sep, 2010


For your honeymooners room Pena, you could just put a big bunche in a vase, without water, and just leave them on a table, that would look nice maybe tie bunch with a mauve/lilac ribbon as well.

2 Sep, 2010

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