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Arisaema speciosum offsets.

I have been checking the pots with these in and this is the first time I have found off sets. In previous years there has just been the original tuber about the size of a child's fist. The offsets are about the size of a small Brussels sprout.
How long will it be to flowering if I pot these up and grow them on. Also one plant has produced seed that is ripe and bright red. Is it worth growing these on or not? I am happy to wait about 3 yrs but longer than that then I will sell them on.

On plant Arisaema



Hi Eileen, the offsets should flower either next year or the year after, I've never grown them from seed, but I would think that they would reach flowering size in 3 years, maybe less, good luck, Derek.

16 Dec, 2018


ooh that's encouraging as size wise the offsets are about a 1/6 of the size of the parent tuber.

17 Dec, 2018

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