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Coronilla 'citrina'

just been admiring Cottagekarens photo of this plant and wonder if it would be suitable to grow in a large ornamental pot.
also what is its fragrance like? if its honey I wont bother as I am not that keen on that.
thanks in advance.

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I've never grown this - the only experience I've had of it is that its planted round the corner from me, in a general planted area near the petrol station. It's the variety C. valentina 'glauca' (not citrine) and I've passed it many times when in flower, and although its supposed to be scented, I can't say I noticed any scent at all just walking by it. Its a very attractive plant though, and used to be hard to find anywhere for sale.

29 Dec, 2018


Just joining in to see any replies.

29 Dec, 2018


The scent is like jonquils, not honey I would say. Mine is growing in a wooden planter. They don't get very big, but they sprawl, so a wall is a good support. :) You only smell the scent on a warm spring day unless you actually put your nose right up to it.

29 Dec, 2018


Two things I'd add about this shrub. It flowers at least twice, sometimes three times every year. How good is that? When it finished flowering, cut it back really hard - it won't mind. This stops it getting too large, top heavy, woody and unwieldy

29 Dec, 2018


ooh thanks for the replies. it will go onto my 'plants I want to buy' list.

30 Dec, 2018


Thats interesting Andrew. Another Goy friend advised me not to cut it back hard! I did cut back the dead wood...there’s always some die back here after the winter. But cutting it hard back would work well for me as long as it survived.

30 Dec, 2018


Karen - I take it back to low growths. In colder areas, I would suggest leaving two shoots - one to grow and one 'spare' in case the first one gets frosted

31 Dec, 2018


It's on my wish list too, I think I'll keep mine in a pot against a wall like Karen's.

31 Dec, 2018


Thank you!

1 Jan, 2019

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