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I have a lovely azalea which has insisted on trying to blossom gorgeous white flowers through the winter months starting in early November, it's still going but sadly with the frosts all the flowers are turning brown and dying as soon as they start to bloom. Why is it flowering now? Is there anything I can do to protect it? Change the flowering season? Will it flower again during the year?



welcome to GoY Sarah.
the plant started to flower due to the weather conditions in the autumn. we had a short cold snap then it warmed up. the plant 'thinks' it has been through winter and as the light levels are similar to spring it started to flower.

they don't usually repeat flower so that may be it for this year.But it may have some smaller buds still to come.
Is it in a pot or in the ground? You could try wrapping it in fleece when frost is forecast and then unwrap it the next day.

For the normal gardener there is nothing you can do to alter what mother nature is throwing at it sadly, other than fleece and or move the pot into shelter, if it is in a pot.

10 Jan, 2019


Did you buy this through the mail? It could have been shipped from another climate and may take a year or two to adjust? Or could it be one of the Encore varieties? They bloom 3 times per year. Mine was blooming for Christmas. Or you may have had a warm spell, tricking it into thinking it's time to bloom. If this is a brand new shrub, it may need a little time to adjust to your climate.

10 Jan, 2019

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