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By Darren8

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Small Pink Rose ID please?
Can anyone identify this type? It was doing badly in the ground in a shady spot so I potted some cuttings & they're doing fairly well.
They're a nice pink for Winter flowers so any tips on getting the most from them as regards to growing position, expected height & habit, etc. gratefully received.
I know nothing about roses...
Oh, the pot is about 9 inches wide for scale.

Sml_pink_rose_out_sml Sml_pink_rose_mid_sml Sml_pink_rose_clse_vign



Its quite hard to say what growth habit and height your cuttings might reach - roses are usually grafted onto a stronger, more vigorous root stock,which is what gives them the height and spread. Roses grown from cuttings are obviously on their own roots, and may not be very strong growers in comparison to the original. As for situation, roses like as open a situation with as much sun as possible, preferably without anything growing around them other than maybe a bit of low ground cover. I don't recognise the flowers as a particular variety, but then there are zillions of different roses... funny to see that number of flowers on a rose outdoors at this time of year, just goes to show how mild the winter's been so far... we've only got one or two flowers on odd roses here and there in our garden,but they are in a very exposed situation.

11 Jan, 2019


I wonder whether it could be The Fairy, as it looks similar to mine, which also has been blooming lately. Having said that, there are so many small pink roses that it is difficult to say whether it is that. It's interesting that you've managed to grow it from a cutting though. I have tried some cuttings which I took from my brother's garden last year and am delighted to find they are sprouting in my cold back porch. Bearing in mind what Bamboo says about cuttings as opposed to grafted roses I won't expect spectacular plants but am just so pleased to have succeeded with the cuttings. I did the same with some clematis from his garden and have 3 growing very healthily.

12 Jan, 2019


Thanks guys! I've been thinking that, given it's long, thin stems, I might make the most of it by making a cone out of wire coat hangers, say 3 foot high, & tying it in sort of spirals to encourage side shoots. Think that'd work?

12 Jan, 2019


How big was the original rose, the one you got the cuttings from? Was it a patio rose or just an ordinary rose bush? Non patio type roses like to put down deep roots, which they can't do in pots...

12 Jan, 2019


Excuse my lack of rose knowledge...
I don't know the difference really. The original plants were low-growing & in the ground but my cuttings grew 3 or 4 foot long, thin, whippy stems.
Just a pointer to a similar group of roses would be good though

12 Jan, 2019


Having had some free time to research I think you're right Pennyfarthing. Rose Polyantha 'The Fairy'!
Apparently there is a sub-type that is a little more of a scrambler than a compact bush which exactly describes what I have.

12 Jan, 2019


Hi Darren,
Mine is a shrubby one, originally in a pot but I have recently transferred it into the ground and am hoping it will grow taller and lean against the end of my front fence.
A neighbour with an east facing frontage has allowed one to grow up beside his porch and it really looks like a climber now, and very attractive, in bloom for a really long period of the year.

13 Jan, 2019


Good luck with it!
I've got a spot marked out for mine on an East facing fence under an orange buddleia. Looking forward to that colour clash 😄

13 Jan, 2019

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