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A neighbours has asked me can she use a autumn lawn weed and feed now as she forgot to put it on ..... What your thoughts ....



I wouldn't, it is too late - most autumn feeds are formulated to take up to six months to slowly release their nitrogen and other contents. I suggest she leaves it now till March (if the weather's mild) or April, and feed with an ordinary combination one, though to be honest, the 'weed' part is a bit of a joke, its largely ineffectual. I just stick to a separate lawn weedkiller and separate lawn food... sometimes combined with a mosskiller, sometimes not.

14 Jan, 2019


No, there's no point doing now. These synthetic chemicals break down and decompose very quickly and will simply wash out to who knows where. Why waste it? Read the label to see how long this product will be effective. Maybe she can use it later this year.

15 Jan, 2019


thanks both ... She also passes on her thanks for the advice , she will keep for Autumn like it says on the bag !


19 Jan, 2019

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