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how to take cuttings from lavender



pull 3-4" non flowering side shoots off parent plant with a heel. I use rooting powder on mine. Pop 4-5 around the edge of your pot. Some folk cover in a plastic bag, some put them in a cold frame, they can also be left outside in a shady sheltered part of the garden. As to growing medium take your pick, free draining compost with perlite or horticultural grit is ok. Some lavender take easier than others. Good luck in increasing your stock.

2 Sep, 2010


Hi bernica, sorry to but into your question...Bizzyb, is it o.k to take heel cuttings at this time of year? The ones i took in spring rotted because i left them in the plastic bag too long and i havent taken any more as i thought you could only take them at certain times of year?

2 Sep, 2010


your absolutely right Mrsparrow, lavender can be tricky, I do trim the heel with a sharp knife but think it wise to try cuttings in different situations & then you will know what works for you. I have just rooted 100 or so variegated lavender cuttings under white bin bags, left open at the end for air. They will need to be kept dryish through the winter but there always are losses.

2 Sep, 2010


Thanks for the sound advice bizzyb,what a treasure trove of a garden you have too! I will be taking some cuttings soon and keeping fingers crossed for success. Cant have too much lavender ay! Unlike a bully boy bamboo!!

4 Sep, 2010

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