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morning n this cold and frosty day in lincs, what bambbo would you recommend to plant in a tub please and what compost. I was put off by it when I had to get rid of it in my front garden as it spread so much, took me 3 years.

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I would suggest one of the clumping types such as Timber Bamboo (Phyllostachys). They aren't so invasive.

20 Jan, 2019


Thank you.

20 Jan, 2019


Or one of the Fargesias

20 Jan, 2019


Sorry, Bathgate, but all of the Phyllostachys species are running types. They'll still work in large tubs, but will need to be tipped out and divided every few years, lest they break the pot!

21 Jan, 2019


Yes, I’ve grown phyllostachys Aurea very well in large pots. Mine was the golden form...lovely plant. Gets tall so pots need to be heavy or the windtakes it. Or, if you don’t want theheight, how about pleioblastus auricomus? It has lovely variegation, is very hardy and only grows to 3’ tall.

21 Jan, 2019

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