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onion sets in pots?

I cant get my onion sets into the ground due to parsnips and cabbages still being where I want them to go. I was going to start them off in pots but my OH says that they wont do well. I cant see why not .
Any one started them off this way?



I always grow onions from seed with nearly 100% success. I think seeds are a better value and they won't ever bolt on you. You can keep some indoors just for the tops & transfer the rest to the garden in a few weeks for onion bulbs. Start them indoors. They pop up in a few days and you can already harvest the tops.

21 Jan, 2019


No reason for not growing sets in pots. Just be sure to keep them at least a couple of centimeters apart, so they are easier to separate when planting time does arrive.

21 Jan, 2019


Of course you can grow sets. I just wanted to share my success story w seeds. BTW have you seen the Super Blood Moon last night? Happened around 10:30pm EST. The moon turned an intense red...pretty remarkable! It was a crystal clear night last night and it was right above my head.

21 Jan, 2019


Thanks for confirming what I thought. The sets were a present from my daughter. I usually grow onions and leeks from seed.

Didn't see it last night as we had cloud cover. I saw my first one when I was about 10 over Newcastle upon Tyne. At the time I was told it was to do with the pollution from the industry on the Tyne.
Seen many since and they are always spectacular.
I must say I am fed up with some of the 'names' they are given, this time super blood wolf moon.

21 Jan, 2019


Yeh I'm not sure about all the names either. I think the moon was somewhat closer to the earth so it appeared larger. However I think it was only visible in the Western Hemisphere & I had to go out at midnight to see it and it is super cold out.

21 Jan, 2019


I always start them off in pots. I later transfer them to the ground after I get around to preparing it. They seem to do well.

21 Jan, 2019


I once heard a suggestion for sowing I think it was peas in length of half drain pipe and then just sliding the whole thing into a trench at planting out time. Wonder if it would work with sets?
Lovely full moon here but it was the normal colour.

21 Jan, 2019


thanks for the confirmation that this is a good option.
the red [eclipse] was last night around midnight Stera so it is just a normal moon tonight and now its waning. we have cloud again and forecast for rain :o(

21 Jan, 2019


Onion sets now in compost in the greenhouse :o)
bitterly cold however.

23 Jan, 2019


Hi! I have always grown onion sets in containers without any problem and I am not green fingered. As Tugbrethil says, be sure that you space them apart. The advantages for me is there are far fewer weeds and bugs! I leave them in and harvest them from there Good luck!

24 Jan, 2019

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