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Blueberry due to lack of light - will it recover?

This is Ozarkblue which I bought originally online and RM (the mail people) failed to put a card through my letterbox to notify me to pickup at the collection office. I've had to ask the nursery to re-send this and duly so, the original was waiting for me at the office as well. As you would expect this plant had sat in its darkened box without light for 10 days so it's etiolated and the leaves have yellowed/whitened. Is it possible for me to salvage this (put in greenhouse?)

Obviously, I have a replacement plant that's healthy that I can use but still, this plant is still worth saving though, isn't it?

BTW, I had a question last year about my daphne and updated it just now, but it didn't go to the top of the questions list. How do I bump it up?




yes give it plenty of light now and it will green up then perhaps when it is a bit happier [March/April] prune it as if it was an established plant.

24 Jan, 2019


IN regard to your Daphne update, anyone who responded on that thread will see it, it'll pop up as a News item in their box - but not the rest of us. If its another question on the Daphne, best to post it as a new question if you want everyone to see it.

24 Jan, 2019


My blueberry loses its leaves in winter anyway so I'm wondering if your replacement with leaves has come straight from being under glass or a polytunnel. I would put that outside in a sheltered spot and even bring it under cover if a hard frost is expected as it would normally have shed its leaves by now.

24 Jan, 2019


Thanks for your replies and reassurance. I shall put the greenhouse. Looking at the above picture, it looks like the plant has lost most of its leaves and its also winter red-tinted, so that makes me think they were outdoor-reared.

24 Jan, 2019


I think that plant will be great if you take good care of it till spring. :) two for the price of one! :)

30 Jan, 2019

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