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Hi All!
My seed potatoes are due to arrive. I normally chit them on a cool window sill indoors but have ordered more this time and there won't be room for them all.
Would it be too cold to chit them in an unheated greenhouse? If it is sunny, it gets quite a bit of sun. Maybe I could cover them with a blanket or something???



I think they will be OK left in the bags they came in if stored in a cool dark spot, preferably under a bench in a garage. If you leave them in a greenhouse, I would say that if the temperatures continue to drop then they will go black. Perhaps review your chitting again towards the middle to late February. If you try and chit your potatoes too early, then the shoots will become too long and spindly and possibly break off when planted.

25 Jan, 2019


Thanks, Jimmytheone. I keep reading about chitting in a greenhouse but it doesn't clarify whether it should be heated or not. I have also heard about pots going black.

25 Jan, 2019


When I did potatoes years ago, I had them in my spare room with indirect light and no heating on. I turned them round everyday so that they didn't get etiolated.

25 Jan, 2019


Hello Irridium and thanks! A spare unheated room sounds the best option to me but unfortunately I don't have one here!

25 Jan, 2019

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