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Hardy-ish Salvias - Protection from frost?

I've planted new plants of 'Nachtvlinder and Sky Dance and I've mulched around them as well. The garden has been bitten by a hard frost the other night when it was -3C, but generally it doesn't suffer that badly. I've also got a Dusky Pink that's in a pot by a wall which is more sheltered but in that frost at -3C, a few of the leaf edges were a bit affected. (I'll put newspaper around them next time when it's colder next time.)

BTW, I'm in Nott'm in a small sheltered fenced garden.



Certainly the tender ones do need protection. I always take cuttings in mid/late summer as an insurance of a hard winter. Some don't survive in the greenhouse if it dips below 0c for several days. I keep them on the dryish side too in the greenhouse as it is often wet and cold rather than cold that does it in for them.

25 Jan, 2019


Thanks for your replies.
I think I'll dig them up and put them in a friend's glass greenhouse as mine's plastic, then that way they'll sure to survive by spring.

25 Jan, 2019


they may still not survive if they've already been badly frosted. but fingers crossed.

25 Jan, 2019


Sorry to hijack this Irridium but I'm very interested in what SBG has to say. I've been bringing my cuttings indoors when The forecast is very cold. My coldframe doesn't inspire me with confidence and it is plastic like your greenhouse. I must say that some of the cuttings are not doing well while the bog sage( can't remember its proper name) is still doing ok outside and not so well as a cutting. My salvia amisted is doing great as a cutting. Thankyou SBG for the info.

25 Jan, 2019

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