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I have a blue hydrangea in a pot, what is the correct method of feeding from spring onwards?



this sounds like its one of the lace/mop cap types is it?

Usually with plants in pots I scrape the top 1-2" of compost off the top and replace it fresh compost. I also add a scattering of slow release fertilizer to it. I tend to do this April time depending on the weather and if the plant has started into leaf yet.
I know you can buy fertilizers specifically designed to help keep these flowers blue, but if yours stayed blue without and pinking up then it will be fine next year.
prune according to the RHS advice.

26 Jan, 2019



26 Jan, 2019


Hi, I agree with Sbg, but if you need to turn it blue again, rather than buy the stuff, supposedly just for turning them blue, or keeping them blue, just buy ammonium sulphate, which is a lot cheaper, and is basically the same thing, Derek.

26 Jan, 2019


Or water it with cold tea (which is slightly acid)

26 Jan, 2019


re the cold tea. I have done a litmus test on cold tea as I was also told to water my acid loving plants with cold tea but good old Yorkshire tea is barely acidic and not strong enough to ensure blue flowers.

27 Jan, 2019

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