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When is the best time to buy new pond plants and floating pondweed? I cleaned out my pond in August and wrote a blog about how I felt like getting rid of it at the time, after disasters with a hedgehog and several stag beetles.However, I feel I can't let the frogs down and they will be arriving before long. The problem is that there is very little vegetation for the tadpoles. Thanks to people's suggestions I have managed to make more escape routes for any unfortunate creatures that fall in.



usually they become available in mid late spring as that is when they start growing and become saleable.
if you do get taddies then you could put lettuce leaves in for them to feed on. the first day they utilise their yolk then they are vegetarian and by the time they get their first legs they become carnivorous.

you will probably get some algal growth on the pond sides too.

29 Jan, 2019


Goodness! I had no idea they would eat lettuce! Thank you.

29 Jan, 2019


I can send you some common ones in a month or two if you PM me.

30 Jan, 2019


Thank you Steragram. That's very kind. I'll do that!

2 Feb, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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