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I’m mixing topsoil with compost from a compost heap to fill newly installed raised veg beds.
I’ve noticed a white fungus in the compost which appears to be actinomycetes according to this website
Is this compost safe to use ?




Honestly, I think it's fine to use. The fungus is simply part of the composting process. It consumes dead organic matter. It's obviously still at work but will eventually disappear. You can leave it until the composting process is complete. Other microbes in the soil will offset it once you mix it into the top soil. Certain fungi is necessary for plants to thrive.

31 Jan, 2019


Yes it is fine to use. Actinomycetes are now classified as a bacterium but either way you name it is a sign that composting has gone well. It should cause any problems in your soil/compost mix.

31 Jan, 2019


Thanks folks.
(Seaburngirl - I assume you meant to say 'shouldn't', but thanks anyway.)

31 Jan, 2019


oops yes I did mean shouldn't.

1 Feb, 2019


May well help to limit 'damping off' too

1 Feb, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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