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By Lori

Ontario, Canada Ca

plant ID needed. small 3-5" tall, wild culture clumping grasses..fruiting bodies are feathery and also short 3-6 inches. grows in almost total shade and on decaying wood. light green in colour...




Grasses- nightmare...Just out of interest I Googled Canadian grasses - wow,what a lot. There are lots of books on them if you can't find the answer.

3 Feb, 2019


thanks Stera... GoY was my first stop... I have a picture and could not find it on my go-to page on Eastern Ontario Wildflowers... will keep looking.

3 Feb, 2019


The best way to ID grasses is to look at the fine structure of the seed heads. If you can take macro photos of the seed heads, and email them with these shots to the local university, that will give you your best chances of getting an ID.

4 Feb, 2019


thanks Tug! I found that I had put the picture of the seed heads of this interesting little grass in my blog about the forest.... I am going to contact extension services at the U. as well as search the wildflower sites.

4 Feb, 2019


The new picture is a bit blurry to tell for sure, but it also might be a sedge, maybe even kin to Cotton "Grass".

6 Feb, 2019


I've been looking on various sites and the sedges seem to be too large to be this diminutive. Thanks will take a look for the "Cotton "grass"".... (sorry about the blurries... )

6 Feb, 2019

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