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I was kindly given this Monstera (well named) a couple of years ago. I really don't like them and have never repotted it or given it any care apart from the occasional watering and cutting off the snaky aerial roots before they root into the floor.... Am only keeping it in case the donor visits at some point... I have nowhere in the house for it so it sits in the conservatory getting bigger all the time.Its grown well in spite of that but the stem is now at a right angle, as you can see.If I cut off the vertical stem would it be likely to root and then I could discard the bottom part and start again. Ignore the dead cactus flowers, I was in the middle of sweeping them up...




Layer the bend into a pot of compost. it will root from there then you can cut it away from the parent plant. Then add a stake to help it grow straight. memory of their popularity in the 1970's, was it was grown up a moss pole.

But if you really don't like it see if a local care home would like it. then when visitors arrive and they ask about it say it had outgrown its space and instead of binning it you donated it.

3 Feb, 2019


If you can be bothered with the faff, plant the wonky top with the roots, still attached, in a pot next to it, and when it roots, cut it free. We had a pet rabbit who got into the house via the cat flap and chopped my Monstera 'tree' at the bottom. It did survive for a couple more years after that. Failing that, tell the donor that you tried everything but gave it a good send off! Oops Seaburn you posted while I was typing.

3 Feb, 2019


Thanks you two - that's what I was hoping you'd say. I do think about finding an organisation who would welcome it sometimes - what they call The Final Solution... It takes up such a lot of room. The sad thing is that the kind lady who rooted it for me in the first place apparently had said to it "You're going to Sue, you'll be all right there, she'll look after you", so there's a bit f a guilt trip involved too...

Or maybe I could buy a rabbit instead Cammomile!

3 Feb, 2019

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