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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hi, can anyone advise please? I love the look of ginger, I just wondered does anyone on GoY grow it in the garden? If so, is it possible to plant in my garden in East Yorkshire?

On plant Ginger



Hi Kate if your garden is sheltered or has a very sheltered sunny spot then yes you can grow it in the ground, mulch it in autumn/winter. if like me [I'm near Beverley] and you don't have this luxury then you can grow them in the open ground but then lift them in the Autumn and store them frost free until late march. Then repot, water and let them come into growth. Placing/planting outdoors after all risk of frost [June for me].

15 Feb, 2019


I don't grow ginger but I think I should. Here is a good article that will get you started in the right direction. Good luck.

Growing Ginger Root
Zingiber Officinale (True Ginger)

15 Feb, 2019


Thank you Bathgate! I do love the look of this plant, I’ve really wanted to have it in my garden for a while. I will endeavour to look at this website this evening!
Thanks again!

15 Feb, 2019


Hi Seaburngirl, thanks again for your info, I think I really will look at planting ginger. It’s worth a go!

15 Feb, 2019


Ginger is amazing. Have you seen the 'wild ginger'? Wild ginger looks different. It's a low growing ground cover and quite attractive.

16 Feb, 2019


Hello Bathgate, yes, I think I prefer the low growing, lush looking wild ginger. I had a read through the site you recommended, very interesting info. Difficult to grow in colder climates easily. Seaburngirl has given me some advice too re. Growing ginger here on the east coast.
I’m thinking of looking at wild ginger. Thank you.

16 Feb, 2019


just be careful wild ginger in the uk is the common name of Asarum which isn't a true ginger and is a low growing shade plant. I try to grow it in my garden but the slugs love it

the ginger that you use in cooking is often Zingiber officinal. You can grow the root bought from the greengrocer. As Bathgate says.

Ornamental gingers can be one of several species.
depends what colour flower you want.

16 Feb, 2019


Thanks Seaburngirl, that’s great advice! I do like the idea of having both types of ginger. I appreciate the feedback re. Slugs, I’ve seen the damage they do to some of my hostas! Oddly, not all of them..

16 Feb, 2019

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