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Hi all - can anyone please tell me what these are ? There’s millions of them growing literally everywhere in a new property I’ve moved into - they don’t have any particular smell and I couldn’t see any bulbs attached - no flowers either. Are these some kind of super invasive weeds ? I’m in a London and I’ve noted these came up sometime in November and are quite hardy ! Thanks for your help !

Update: I removed the first photo to replace with the complete plant, as dug up (seems like bluebells now,hard to dig up and VERY deep). The last two photos are of something growing alongside these..appear to have similar leaves but the root is very different.

Photo_2019_02_19_17_37_50_1_ Photo_2019_02_19_17_37_50_2_ Photo_2019_02_19_17_37_51



Bluebells, maybe?

17 Feb, 2019


Maybe a plantain but they usually have wrinkled leaves.
Can't quite see but are there pale blotches on the leaves? That may give a clue. Another photo that included as much root as possible might help.
Something at the back of my old brain is saying they'll flower though😄

17 Feb, 2019


well its a bulb/corm of some sort, my first thought was bluebells but there seem to be too many leaves. it isn't a plantain as that isn't a monocot and this is a monocot.

are you pulling them out or digging them up? if you pull bluebells the leaves pull out of the bulb without bring the bulb to the surface.

try digging some with a spade and see what is at the bottom. if its a smooth white bulb then I would say bluebell. as to which one wait and see if they flower in April/May.

welcome to GoY too :o)

17 Feb, 2019


Thank you guys, you're all so kind!
Seaburngirl, I havent tried a spade, will do so tomorrow and I'll take a photo with more root too - thank you for the warm welcome !
I'll keep you guys updated!

P.S I so hope these are bluebells !

17 Feb, 2019


I wonder if they are grape hyacinth - they have bigger leaves than bluebells

17 Feb, 2019


Probably Spanish bluebells. There are bulbs attached, but they are very deep and almost possible to eradicate

17 Feb, 2019


My Spanish Bluebell leaves look like these I find them hard to get rid of even digging deep and trying to get every tiny bit out.

18 Feb, 2019


These are hard to dig out with very deep bulbs - turns out they are Spanish bluebells - much to my dismay! I’ll try to dig them out but yes, I’ve heard horror stories about getting these out. Thank you all for your responses !

18 Feb, 2019


they will succumb to Glyphosate if you start to spray them now. any flowers that still show pull them out before they set seed.

but if you like them then keep them. they are still a good plant. its just that they hybridise with the English native bluebell.

18 Feb, 2019


Hi again guys - so I dug them up and have updated the question with the new photos.White bulbs, very deep and hard to dig up so I'm thinking most probably spanish bluebells.
The last photo is of the flower beds with a brownish ?root exposed - but some of it has leaves similar to the bluebells (although lighter in color and fleshier). The second last photo is of these dug out and separated..Any ideas as to what these could be? Apologies, I am new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you !

19 Feb, 2019


top ones definitely a bulb and most likely bluebells, only seeing the flower will confirm which one.
the others are bearded iris and are a nice plant. the brown surface structure is a rhizome, it helps store nutrients and roots form from there. So if you like iris re plant them with the rhizome on the surface as they were. They are also a monocot plant. they come in a range of wonderful colours.

no need to apologise, this is exciting new ground for you.

20 Feb, 2019

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