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Lily Beetle - how bad is it this year?


By Robertr

Wigan, Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Just wondering how bad the Lily Beetle population is going to be this year - already found and crushed three in the last two weeks. So the Provado Bug Spray has been restocked and I've been spraying the lilies in the borders as they come up. Also wondering how far north in the UK they have reached now?



Like you I have quite a problem with these pretty looking thugs, I have to say so far I must have stood on about 50 so far. They really took a liking to the fritillaries and I was picking them off in pairs.

13 May, 2007


I'm in North Lincolnshire and so far (touch wood) I have never even seen any of these beetles in my garden, and I have several tubs with lilies in....fingers crossed it stays that way!!

14 May, 2007


hi I'm from north bucks & found the little red devils as bad this year (so far !!!) maybe its something to do with all the rain lately?

16 May, 2007


Hi i'm from Derby and have killed 30 of these devils already and that was before the rain!

16 May, 2007


The red devils seem to have disappeared for the moment BUT I found a very nasty suprise today.Checking over the Lilies my hand came back with somthing brown and very nasty on it. It was the Larve covered in its own s... small ones and big ones about 20 in all and I am sure I haven't got them all. So those of you that have had a problem this year I suggest you check your Lilies carefully and be careful where you put your hands!

8 Jun, 2007


Very bad on lillies in Bedfordshire despite spraying with Ultimate Bug Killer, I hate standing on them as they look so pretty but at least it is raining now to wash the red splats off the patio.

16 Jun, 2007


They are in Somerset too - didn't have them last year, but do now!!! Hate squishing them.

17 Jun, 2007


For a really good - and pretty scary map of lily beetle distribution - have a look at this link

17 Jun, 2007


i haven found loads on my lillies and didnt know what they were

2 Jul, 2008


Me too - Lots of them in Warwickshire. The Lillies look so perfect in the GC, so I thought I'd plant one. Within a short time of flowering the pests had made holes in every single leaf. I was clearing them off daily and spotted that yucky larvae and then out came the Provardo on them. Bit late now I guess but...

24 Jun, 2012


I'm squishing red devils every day. :-((

24 Jun, 2012

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