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I have a pottedchristmas tree that I want to keep in a pot and keep similar size , how do I go about this ?



if it is kept in the same pot it wont grow much anyway. but remember to keep it well watered especially in hot dry weather. add some slow release fertilizer to the top couple of inches of compost too.

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28 Feb, 2019


I think that you will struggle to keep in the same size pot indefinitely unless you start to root-prune it like a bonsai. The tree will end up with the container just full of roots and will displace all the soil with nothing to retain the water. So you can slow down its growth by re-potting from time to time with a slightly larger pot but will ultimately end up with a large tree in a large pot.

28 Feb, 2019


I have the same Jackie. Welcome to GoY. I have decided to keep mine in its big pot and when it gets pot bound to root prune it. I've never done it before and don't know how well it will do, but as the tree only cost £10 from Tesco a couple of Christmases ago, I don't have much to lose. I can't plant it in the ground as I don't have room for a massive Spruce, so it will have to stay in a pot and time will tell. :)

28 Feb, 2019


I used to have a Christmas tree in a pot which I potted on into bigger pots until it was the desired size for the house but as Jimmy says you get a tangled mess of roots filling the pot. I think my £10 tree lasted for about 6 years so was cost effective. If you want to try root pruning , try this. Tip it out, use secateurs to trim thick roots and an old carving knife, cut through about 1-2" all around the root system including the base. Just make sure there are plenty of small finer roots present and repot with fresh compost. I have successfully done this with a camellia last summer but didn't try it with the potted Christmas tree.

1 Mar, 2019


Thanks Barbara. :)

1 Mar, 2019

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