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Unknown bug

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I have been infested by something too small to see for several years - it completes its plant eating bit of the life cycle late August, loves cosmos, nicotiana, dahlia etc but not lavender anemone,aconitum (tho this hasnt flowered and its September!) Anybody know what it is (and how to get rid of it?)

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Could be capsid bug - these make the leaves look distorted, smaller than usual, with what looks like tiny circular indentations which, as the leaf grows, turn into holes, so the leaves have a ragged, distorted, sometimes skeletonised appearance. Capsid like soft leaved plants such as fuchsia, phygelius, salvias, so the plants you mention as being affected would be ones they like. Provado makes a spray for these, but it does upset bee colonies - alternatively, try a spray containing bifenthrin (if you can find one), and if necessary, alter the planting conditions to leave more space and air flow around plants.Keep weed growth down, capsid often over winter on low growing plants near the ground. Probably too late this year, but keep a check for next year and spray at the first signs.

3 Sep, 2010


thanks for that, I might have a go with the bifenthrin this year, and certainly in June next - I was very concerned about the bees etc as there are lots of plants in the vicinity they love. I am afraid that more space and air flow though desirable is not likely - If I see more than 4" of bare soil I'll buy a plant!

3 Sep, 2010


Yes, I know what you mean, my garden's overstuffed too, which is probably why I've had a lot of trouble with capsid this year. When you do spray, do it at dusk, after the bees have stopped working.

3 Sep, 2010

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