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Last week I had to remove one of my favourite shrubs, my mauve Hebe, it suddenly died, not a gradual process, was still producing flowers in January, I scratched away at the stems hoping I just might find some signs of life but sadly it was a goner, need some advice, I've looked online but cannot find an answer, should really have asked here first, anyway I was wondering if I could plant a new one in the same place.....



That's sad Lincs.
Without doing something with the soil I wouldn't. I honestly don't know if they are susceptible like roses. Perhaps dig out a decent area 3-4 times the size of a new pot grown one would be. and replace with soil from another area or fresh bought in topsoil.
How old was yours? Thinking about it one of my hebes has died this winter too.

6 Mar, 2019


That's a shame,Sue..I hope it's nothing that would effect another one,if you chose to replant one..I think I would try Eileen's suggestion ..I hope you can find an answer ,as to why it died.was it very old?

6 Mar, 2019


Thankyou Eileen and Sandra, it was thinking about roses that made me query it, no idea whatsoever as to the cause, was about 8yrs old and as I said it wasn't a gradual process, I will replace it but plant elsewhere to be on the safe side, I have two white ones down the bottom of my garden, many years older than the mauve one was, I've checked those and they're perfectly healthy, so far so good, now I'm on a mission to fill that gap up but first I'll do as you say Seaburn and clear away the topsoil...

6 Mar, 2019

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