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By Mishca

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Laurel hedge planted in Nov.2018. Bare stems in the front show what has happened to the first four bushes, each in turn. The one seen behind is now being denuded of leaves, being next in line. This is a very long hedgerow and I'm quite concerned. Being unable to identify what might be eating them, I'm unsure of appropriate action and would welcome your opinions.
Might it be what I heard today of a newish caterpillar/moth recently arrived within southern counties (Hampshire)? Missed it's name, sorry.




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Can you see any caterpillars? If not do you get deer or rabbits in the area. as it is a hedgerow are you in the countryside? cows/horses reaching over the hedge?

There doesn't seem to be anything unhealthy about the bush in the photo.
Sorry I'm not much help.

10 Mar, 2019


It is my contention that if it were to be a caterpillar, then unless it was just one or two individuals, many of the plants would be infected rather than just one at a time. Also caterpillars will be inactive especially in the winter. If you are in a rural or semi-rural location I suggest perhaps just an individual Muntjac deer. Likewise, not too much help.

11 Mar, 2019

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