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By Solada

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Do I cut the dead flowers off,it is starting to sprout new leaves now.




Usually, this job is left till April,but this year, growth has started early. You can risk removing dead parts (including last year's flowerheads) but its a risk because you may yet get some winter back. I'm waiting another week or so to tackle ours and I'm in London, where its warmer...

11 Mar, 2019


That did occur to me,I was leaving them a while longer but a friend suggested getting rid will take your advise,thank you,😊

11 Mar, 2019


Frankly, by the time the gales have finished, there probably won't be many dead flowerheads left on ours - garden's covered in the things at the mo!

11 Mar, 2019


Yes, I would cut the dead flowers off. They are past their prime.

11 Mar, 2019


Thank you.Bathgate.will get rid .Bamboo.where I live we miss most of the bad weather.pretty sheltered,not had any wind here.although had a lot of rain of late.😄

12 Mar, 2019


It's more about frost and cold temperatures (especially overnight). The dead flowerheads and twiggy bits are usually left in place all over winter until spring (April) to afford some protection to the new growth buds, that's the idea.Up to you though...

12 Mar, 2019

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