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ID. I have a funny feeling this is a weed that I'm taking care of LOL, do you agree? It didn't flower last year.




Looks like Hollyhock foliage to me.

15 Mar, 2019


I'd also go hollyhock or a mallow of some type. but my hollyhocks look a bit like this . so not a weed if you want it. :o)

15 Mar, 2019


I have something that looks just like that, I even chopped mine back because it got lanky after flowering. Mine's a mallow with nice, fairly big purple flowers.
I'll see if I've got any photos of it in flower & post them when I've got time later

15 Mar, 2019


Thanks for the input.
Oh! Well, I'll leave it in for this year to see what happens :o))

15 Mar, 2019


I've posted pics of my mallow as it is now & when it was flowering so you can compare. Looks pretty similar to me, hope it helps.
Definitely keeping mine though it got to 2 1/2 foot tall so may need moving...

15 Mar, 2019


I think a Mallow too . . . some call them weeds, but they have quite pretty flowers.

18 Mar, 2019


Oh! Well, if its a weed it will be dug up as I want to put in my seed potato's soon :o))

21 Mar, 2019


Darren8. I looked at the picture you posted & Yes! I now think it is a Marrow.
Thank You All in helping me ID this weed, as is being dug up but transfered into a pot to see if it flowers?

24 Mar, 2019

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