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I took some cuttings from my brother's beautiful creamy bell- like clematis last August after he died. I now have six healthy looking little plants about 4--6 ins tall, and I would like to know what to do with them next. They are at present growing round the edge of a round pot about the size of an average hanging basket in my unheated but enclosed back porch. Should I pot them on individually and keep them inside or just leave them as they are for now, or should I plant a couple of them outside or is it too early ? I don't know the name but it grows strongly in my brother's garden and has little clumps of bells rather than ones spaced individually. It is definitely not an Armandii. I am anxious not to lose the plants but have never grown clematis cuttings before and don't know where to go from here. They are just beginning to try to twine around each other.



If they have roots then you can carefully repot them. But if there are no roots yet then just leave them in an unheated area. I wonder of it is one of Clematis cirrhosa species. the description seems to fit.

15 Mar, 2019


Thanks SBG, yes they must be rooted I think because I put in such tiny pieces and they are now looking quite tall and robust. If cirrhosa are winter flowering, it isn't one of those but if these cuttings are a success I will try to put up a photo for identification. Meanwhile I'll repot them as you suggest and keep them in the porch. At what stage do you thin they'll be ready to be planted in the garden?

15 Mar, 2019


Probably in May when the weather should be milder/calmer. Remember to give them some canes/wires to climb up. yes do post a picture when they flower for you.

15 Mar, 2019

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