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I have needed to completely neglect my garden for over a year.(just lost my husband of 70 years !)Now hoping to save my garden.
My asparagus bed has become overgrown with a fast spreading, tiny, brownish plant,A bit like tiny clover,with strong,fine,bushy roots.
Can I use 'roundup' ,before the asparagus shoots up ?.I have cleared the dead neglected ferns,and can not see any new growth at this moment.
My peach tree is now in full bloom,will painting 'tar wash' on the branches be of any use ?
I would really appreciate help.



Good morning Vera. May I pass on my condolences for your loss.

I would be wary of using a chemical like Roundup if you have edibles growing in that patch. The weed you describe is a pest, seeds itself everywhere, we have it sprouting up in our garden too, I just keep pulling it up before the flowers form and eventually the seed heads, to prevent further infestation. It’s a real pain, but if you keep taking it out, you’ll eventually get on top of it. It’s a shame as the flowers are quite pretty.

I hope you can get back to enjoying your garden, the fresh air might help too x

16 Mar, 2019


It is a tiny clover - and has an underground tuber that will regrow... I agree with greenfingers, don't use roundup near anything you are going to eat. It is a pain to weed out thoroughly - especially as so low down, but that's the only way to do it. You could give it a dose of roundup after your asparagus has cropped - BUT - it may knock back the asparagus (even if u are careful...) and it sometimes takes several applications - and it needs to go on the back of the leaves - which is really, really hard to do....
I would get a keen youngster in to persistently weed it out....
Failing that - I would leave it and accept that it will take some energy from the asparagus - but it won't wipe it out - the weed stays at ground level and travels - so stop it going any further...! But the asparagus is strong enough to come up through.
I think tar wash on the peach tree trunk would help (although i think it may now be banned,,,) We use a sticky gunk on bands now - to stop the ants getting on our cherries... they farm the aphids and cause chaos!
Good luck - do what you can and let Mother Nature do the rest!

16 Mar, 2019


I would say that you have three options. First, you can give the bed a treatment of Roundup (glyphosate) now before the crowns begin to sprout and just let the crowns grow for a season without cropping it. Farmers still use this chemical on their wheat crop to ripen it. Secondly, you could try and hand weed but if it is infact that tiny, red clover, hand weeding will not eradicate it. The third course of action; and I would suggest the best, would to lift the crowns, clean them up from any possible weeds and replant in situation where you have no perennial weeds. As regards your peach; I would take no action until after the fruit has set and then only if you need to spray then.

16 Mar, 2019


Jimmy, could the crowns be lifted then re-planted through some sort of weedproof membrane?

16 Mar, 2019


I would say that it was be quite a performance to grow though a material and wouldn't look good in a garden only in a commercial situation if it were possible. I really wouldn't bother to go for all the trouble.

16 Mar, 2019


Thank you all for replying to my questions.
My garden and my three dogs are now my life.
Sunday ! The sun is now shining and I intend to get out there and get started.
The weeds are so thick on my asparagus bed that I am thinking it will be best to dig up,and start again on a different patch.
I am fortunate that at 91 I am able to do this.I will be so happy if I DO see a few spears this year !
Thank you so much for the help from you all.

17 Mar, 2019


Good on you! I've got a bit that needs digging if you're up for it☺

17 Mar, 2019


Don't want to depress you but digging the plot over will not get rid of the little dears long term. When they reappear you could try regular hoeing but it will take a long time before they stop reappearing.

17 Mar, 2019


I would take Roundup completely out of consideration when growing edibles. The residual amounts left in large crops is being well studied but not when it comes to the small garden.

18 Mar, 2019


Would “Spot On” help? :o) It could be a tedious job but it would take it down to the roots? This was just a thought that lit my light bulb LOL x

19 Mar, 2019

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