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By Daylily

West Midlands, England Eng

Hi, I have bought Rosa Peace and have asked on Facebook regarding whether to bury the graft it would seem that burying the graft is coming out on top. It just doesn't feel quite right to bury it to me, I would appreciate your thoughts on this also, and Monty on GW last week also buried the graft, (not that im not trusting Monty!) many thanks in advance




Common sense would say that you would plant the container rose at the same depth as it stood in the pot. I would have a look at the David Austin (since they are considered the top rose growers) rose planting video which indicates that you plant the rose, containerised or potted with the graft below the ground.

16 Mar, 2019


Thanks, yes I have seen it, this seems to be the way to go

16 Mar, 2019

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