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How do I divide? This is a large clump of a perennial daisy (can’t remember proper name) and I would like to dig it up and divide as it’s developed this inner circle which tells me it’s past its best. Do I just dig it up in bits and take several chunks that I can replant in garden? Thanks




yep pretty much. using a spade you can chop it up into chunks and remove the woody/dead sections and replant.
or if you use a fork it may 'fracture' along areas of weakness. the just replant as before.
I suspect they are Leucanthemum also known as Shasta daisies.

17 Mar, 2019


If you happen to have two forks you can insert them back to back which makes it easy to prise them apart.

17 Mar, 2019


Thanks guys, will be added to my to do list!

17 Mar, 2019


I find the back to back fork thing hard work - that's when I deploy the bread knife, which I consider to be one of the most essential bits of kit for a gardener separating clumps of a plant!

18 Mar, 2019


yes the bread knife is an excellent tool and it goes back in the draw after a wash.
though hubby bought me a small hand saw that is good for this task too.

18 Mar, 2019

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