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At work I have a hebe growing about 2.5ft tall and 3-4 wide if i cut it back to let’s say 1.5-1ft tall would it recover?



Yes but tis not very likely to get any bigger than it is now anyway.

19 Mar, 2019


yes but if you are concerned cut back 1/3 of the stems in an evenly spaced manner. then new growth will occur from the cut stems. then next year remove another 1/3 and so on.

19 Mar, 2019


Good advice SBG as they are slow to regenerate.

20 Mar, 2019


And nice to see you here again Dan! Hope your course is going OK.

20 Mar, 2019


Thanks everyone! Haven’t had the time recently to post! Recently graduated and working full time at a watergarden centre I’ve been gardener there for 4 years and then work instore too! Lots of updates to come on my garden..

21 Mar, 2019

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