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What is this please ?

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

What is this please?




Sorry, but it looks like a vine-weevil grub.

20 Mar, 2019


Vine weevil grub seems likely, put it where the birds can get it, let them decide☺

20 Mar, 2019


yes that is definitely a vine weevil grub. the birds love them so do fish if you have a pond.

if you have found this in a pot then remove the plant and wash the roots carefully. if it is a plant with a thick fleshy root then carefully check in any holes you can see as they do crawl up inside the root/stems.

20 Mar, 2019


Oh dear. The dreaded Vine Weevilgrub. They feed on roots and will destroy whole plants. They are more likely to be found in containerised plants, but I have had them in borders too. They are often present in plants when you buy them. The drench contains a nemotode and is quite expensive, but it works. The other alterntive is to dig out affected plants and wash all the grubs off before replanting as Seabirngirl has suggest. But you have to be sure to get every single grub. Horrid little pests! I had a sedum that just wasn’t thriving in my border last year. Went to dig it out to try potting it, but discovered almost all the root had been eaten. Washed them all off and replanted it in a pot with fresh compost...more in hope than expectation. But being a sedum it immediately started to thrive. So there is hope. :)

21 Mar, 2019


Thank you seaburn girl & cottagekarer I will send off for nematodes... do I just treat the compost or get rid of it please?

22 Mar, 2019


I usually pot up in fresh compost just to make sure the are no eggs lurking and put the old stuff on the borders and the birds pick their way through it.
the Provado treatment is an insecticide drench to kill any living vine weevils. The nematodes are a biological control method and also kills any vine weevil grubs. both work well.

22 Mar, 2019


Thank you very much for the helpful comments...i have taken the plants out washed the roots and closely inspected them ! Fresh compost put in and replanted .

20 Apr, 2019

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