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By Neellan

denbighshire, Wales Wal

Had compost from our recycle centre and now the area is covered in fungus how can I treat it? it is a new area with membrane under the compost

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You have lots of mushrooms in there, but they only help decompose organic matter in the soil. You can go over them with a rake to knock them off, but they don't pose any real danger.

21 Mar, 2019


i wouldn't be concerned by them. pick them out and pop back in your compost bin if you are worried about children or pets eating them. As to which fungi they are I have no idea.

Fungi are natures decomposes and usually don't pose a threat to the garden plants.

21 Mar, 2019


They don't last very long any way, maybe a day or two.

21 Mar, 2019


Just interested to know why you have compost over membrane?

21 Mar, 2019


Thank you Bathgate and Seaburngirl most helpful, will happily plant the ground cover and annuals ☺️

Steragram it is a new area previously shaded by a huge Juniper the membrane is to suppress weeds, roses planted there now, the compost is to plant ground cover/annuals etc.

21 Mar, 2019


Good news Neellan,it looks like you have no need to worry..that's a relief :o)

21 Mar, 2019


Agree its good to know alls well :)

21 Mar, 2019


Its the woody bits in the compost that the mushrooms feed on - the same thing often happens with bark chips.

21 Mar, 2019


I would think that spreading a layer of compost over the membrane would simply host a crop of shallow rooted weeds. If its deep enough to grow ground cover and annuals it is deep enough for weeds.

21 Mar, 2019


I tried using a membrane and the weeds grow right up through it like it was nothing. Also the seeds that land on top will send roots right down through it like it was nothing. Then trying to get rid of it is a royal pain in the derriere.

22 Mar, 2019

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