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I posted last autumn about freshly planted oriental lilies that had grown quickly in Nov and Dec. I tried to protect them but the cold snap and snow killed off the top growth except for the growing tip! However all have now completely died off. Given that we are supposed to let the summer foliage die down after flowering to 'feed ' the bulb are the bulbs likely to grow next year?




they should still produce new foliage but whether they will flower or not I am not certain.
I don't understand what you mean by 'killing off the top growth except for the growing tip'. the growing tip is at the far end of the top growth so if that is firm then do you mean some of the leaves down the stem?
if the tip is still firm it should be ok.

22 Mar, 2019


I have posted a photo. The snow was towards end of January and they are unchanged since then . The stem is supported and the tip is green so it must be getting water through some part of the stem.

22 Mar, 2019


It looks to me as if it will survive & grow on. Put a paper bag over the top if you hear we are going to get a frost

22 Mar, 2019


I suspect they will be fine but may not flower. fingers crossed they will though.

22 Mar, 2019

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