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Identification without a photo please!
At a friend's the other day, I saw a sprawling shrub with leaves and flowers rather like a yellow kidney vetch. I have seen it before, but not for years. I was surprised that it was in full flower although it was in a very small courtyard,so very sheltered.



pineapple broom {Cytissus battandieri} ,ordinary broom, gorse are 3 that spring to mind.

22 Mar, 2019


Not a bit prickly, so not gorse, not broom either but I will look up pineapple broom, thanks SBG.

22 Mar, 2019


No, I think it is more delicate than pineapple broom, in both leaf and flower. I'll have to get my friend to send a photo.

22 Mar, 2019


If it's in flower now, it may be coronilla glauca

22 Mar, 2019


Yes! Thank you, SBG, Andrew and Stera. It is a coronilla citrine. I'm a bit disappointed to find that it needs a very sheltered position but am going to take a few cuttings on my next visit to try. It looks so beautiful in my friend's little courtyard and lovely to have a shrub blooming at this time of year.

23 Mar, 2019


Good luck with that. I would love one as well but think its too windy here. But there is a big stand of it very near the coast in Exmouth in a hotel garden so you might be lucky in Sussex..

24 Mar, 2019

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