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By Namtar

Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me if these are forget-me nots? Thought I had already posted this so apologise if it pops up again somewhere else.




Already identified as Scilla lucilliae (syn Chionodoxa)

23 Mar, 2019


I agree it's Chionodoxa,

23 Mar, 2019


Thank you for the responses. Now to find a supplier.

24 Mar, 2019


These need to be planted in the Fall. Anyplace that sells Spring flowering bulbs should have these available.

24 Mar, 2019


Most places that sell bulbs will have them, as will most mail order garden suppliers.

24 Mar, 2019


If you already have them in the garden, then they will seed themselves around pretty quickly. Flowering from sowing takes a couple of years. You could also dig up the clumps when the leaves die down and split up the clumps. They very soon clump up again.

24 Mar, 2019

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