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By Driad

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

I was wondering why the frogs were so late in our garden until a few days ago , then lots of ardent mating pairs appeared . There were only two of our three fish about . Yesterday the third fish floated to the top of the pond , in a very distressed condition . I gave it a little nudge , and stroked it with a pampas frons and it seemed to perk up some . When I returned about an hour later , a pair of mating frogs seemed to be right on top of it , I tried to free it , but to my consternation , there was a frog firmly latched onto the fish , and although I managed to eventually free the fish , it was of course deceased , its gills had been pinned down . It was all a bit of a shock , has anyone else ever seen this please ?



Hi Driad, seems very strange behaviour to me, I've never heard of it before, Derek.

2 Apr, 2019


Hi Derek , thanks for your reply .
It was a bit bazaar . We did eventually have some frogspawn though .

18 Apr, 2019

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