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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Have just discovered a large tubfull of my home-made comfrey fertiliser I made last year. Is it still usable ?



yes but it will probably be very smelly or not smelly at all. dilute it well.

2 Apr, 2019


Thanks, That’s perfect SG, I have very little sense of smell ( nor taste sadly ) these days and when I stirred it yesterday It was just fine

2 Apr, 2019


As it's so early in the year maybe you've got time to test it on a captive 'guinea pig'? Sow some lettuce seed in an indoor pot. It'll be up in a few weeks & you could apply a dilution to see what happens? If it turns up it's toes soon after you'll have an indication.
I recently found out why you should use wormery compost fairly quickly. I forgot a bag of it that I'd left in the kitchen, wow was that pungent!! Uric acid Seaburn?

2 Apr, 2019


could be anything Darren depending on what was in the liquid to begin with and what the worms were feeding on and what bacteria were present. more likely to be converted into an ammonium compound as uric acid is insoluble [crystals of it form in joints to cause gout] did it smell like a urinal? if so then an ammonium compound.

3 Apr, 2019


It smelt like a particularly leaky tramp's urinal Seaburn. It went back to an earthy smell fairly quickly after being tipped into the ordinary compost bin though.
Maybe it's what gives people the idea of 'Worm Wee', which I've often read about relating to compost teas made from wormery compost. Perhaps better understood as something which is harmful to worms when it builds up in anaerobic conditions?

3 Apr, 2019


never having smelt a leaky tramp's urinal just gents toilets in the local pub I will take your word for it Darren. ;o)
If it smells like that it will be an ammonium compound. added to the compost bin will be the best way to use it up.

3 Apr, 2019

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