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By Spike

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I have inherited a greenhouse and am unsure as to whether it’s positioning is correct (having said this I have successfully harvested over 30lbs of tomatoes the last 2 years). It is under the canopy of a large magnolia but receives the morning sun first thing until it becomes shaded out by neighbours trees at around 2pm. Would it not be better in full sun all day? I’m only asking as I have the opportunity to move it?



Mine is in sun all day, but I think your position sounds better as you benefit from shade at the time when mine is getting over-heated! And I might need to add shading to mine, whereas yours has natural shading. And if you are getting a really good harvest...why move it. If it ain't broke....:)

4 Apr, 2019


I would go for the sun all day position. As long as you have plenty of ventilation and can install shading when the summer comes. If you are in a shady spot, there is nothing you can do to improve the sunlight especially in a dull summer.

4 Apr, 2019


Well there you go. One for moving the greenhouse and one for remain; it’s like brexit in the garden!! 😆

6 Apr, 2019


So True! Lol!

6 Apr, 2019

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