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By Linmar

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have dug up a load of blind daffs which were tightly packed in. The bulbs are not that large. Should I just throw them out and start again?



Why throw out good bulbs? I would replant them giving a little more space; leave the green tops on until they have died down naturally as these will feed energy back to the bulb. They may or may not flower next yeas but should the year after.

7 Apr, 2019


I agree with bulba, replant with some space and if the foliage is still firm in a week give them a feed of dilute tomato food to help feed the bulb. you may get flowers next yr but almost certainly the year after.

7 Apr, 2019


Bulbaholic and Seaburngirl

Thank you both and will spread them around the garden.

I always leave the leaves on but will feed these with tomato food.

Until I received your replies I was on the point of ditching them!

8 Apr, 2019

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