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By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I planted a actinidia kolomitka last year and the plant had what looked like scorched leaves, so far this year it looks much healthier but the leaves have patches of white on them and I was expecting pink. Will this change with age or are there two different varieties.



Funnily enough,mine has suddenly developed scorched leaves,but I'm sure this has only happened since we had very heavy hail and a frost, Siw.

9 Apr, 2019


I think they develop pink patches as the leaf matures but I may be thinking of another plant. time will tell.

9 Apr, 2019


These patches on mine are dark and the leaves crispy..the climber did start well showing pink edges.

9 Apr, 2019


I've never grown it, but I think it does have white as well as pink patches.

9 Apr, 2019


The tips of the leaves should be pink at the bottom and cream just above, with the remainder being green, when planted in full sun - perhaps the pink will develop a bit later

10 Apr, 2019

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