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By Djgs

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have three cordylines in my garden and all have been doing really well. The biggest was bought in a pot in Dundee 10 years ago and after transferring to out back garden when we moved to Cambridge it has grown to roof top height. However this year, from around April, there has been a mushy feel to one of the branches and on another smaller one all the leavers withered and died.
I cut all the tops off of the smaller one and it now looks like a headless and hand less very thin stickma! Will this survive and deliver new growth eventually?
And do you have any idea what might be causing the watery, mushy part on the biggest one? Can it be remedied? Or do I just leave well alone and let it take care of itself?


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i should imagine your cordaline were damaged bye last winter . i would leave them and see what happens but any plants that have completly lost there leaves are probably dead thow bye now .

4 Sep, 2010


I thought that at first, but the one that I cut right back didn't seem damaged until May time. Until then it had been growing well as normal. The mushy stuff again didn't appear until May/June time....seems a bit weird.

4 Sep, 2010


Noseypotter's right, its a result of damage from the winter, just showing itself a bit late. You're not alone, this has been one of the commonest problems on here this year. Cut the stem back to below the point where its mushy, leave it and wait and see what happens - you may find new growth appears at the base or further up the healthy part of stem.

4 Sep, 2010

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