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By Sadie

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Kolomikta shrub which is at least ten years old but unfortunately this year the leaves are dying. I have googled it and apparently this damage can be cause by cats. Has any one any ideas how I can try and save this shrub please?



can you add a photo Sadie.
it has been a dry spring has it had enough water?
I also wonder if it has been caught by a hard frost. the early warmth would have produced leaves when really the plant should have waited.

You can lightly prune the affected parts off and then new leaves should appear and unless there is another hard frost they should be ok.

16 Apr, 2019


I have grown actinidia kolomikta for several years. Mine was caught by a late frost one year, killing all the new leaves. It grew new ones but they were plain green. The following year, it was back to normal

16 Apr, 2019



17 Apr, 2019

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