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By Jean27

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I thought, this was a Camassia plant in my garden 🤔 but obviously not! It looks like a grass or something and has this flower head already... any idea what this is??? Is it a weed?




it looks like a grass of some sort. I planted camassia three years ago but they didn't come up after the first year. Don't know why.

21 Apr, 2019


Thank you! Its just that I have Camassia’s planted just beside it! And this one, didnt die down last winter... and Camassia’s normally do! Looks like I jave to wait & see 😄 As long as its. Ot a weed, I’m ok with it! 😉

21 Apr, 2019


could be a grass or more likely a sedge like some of the Carex . Carex pendula is a strong possibility as it seeds prolifically. but definitely not a camassia.

21 Apr, 2019


If it turns out to be Carex pendula don't let it seed whatever you do.

21 Apr, 2019


Thank you all! Just checked.. and it indeed looks like a “Carex Pendula” & I certainly, didnt plant this! 🤔 It will definitely be removed by tomorrow! I do not need a tall grass in its space 😉Thank you all again 😊

21 Apr, 2019

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